About Us

Web Effects Design is an award winning, full service web and smart phone development company located in the beautiful city of Encinitas, CA. Is your website mobile friendly? If not we can help get you back in the game. Designing a great user experience (UX) is difficult work these days, using a Responsive Design can make sure that users will be able view your content across all types of devices. We treat each project as if it were our own - no project is too small and we are willing to work within your budget.

Founded by Jeff Sihilling in 1999, Web Effects Design has been building websites for over 18 years. Jeff is a Southern California Native, during the 90's he temporarily relocated to Arizona to attend the acclaimed UAT - University of Advanced Technology. Jeff studied multi-media design and development and shortly after graduating started Web Effects Design.

"We are a small but very powerful presence. We are able to offer our clients cutting edge technology with significant savings compared to the competition". Over the last few years, Web Effects Design has gained extensive experience with the latest web and mobile app technologies. "There has never been a situation where we had to turn down a project because of a lack in resources or know-how".

We take what we do seriously. From the moment your project comes in the door, to the moment it leaves, it is carefully tracked and monitored to ensure it stays on time and on budget. Our team is always available so you never have to wonder how your project is going or whether your deadlines will be met. Contact us today and let's get started!